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How To Get Your Front Door Looking Insta-Worthy

14th July 2021

  Do you give your front door enough care and attention? If you don’t then you should do as it will paint your home in a good light, and a pretty looking front door always makes for an engaging Instagram post.  For evidence of that, log into your Instagram account and use the hashtags #frontdoor...

Celebrating Summer At TradeMark With Huge Summer Savings

1st July 2021

Like so many others, we have been counting down the days until summer, and now it’s finally here.  We’re so excited about it that we decided to do something special, and that is to hold a Summer Savings promotion, giving our amazing customers the opportunity to save money on practically every product that we offer. ...

How To Make Your Home Feel As Summery As The Outdoors

21st June 2021

  We cannot have any complaints about the weather over the last couple of weeks, and we hope, as much as you probably do, that it’s here to stay!  When it’s light, warm and sunny, it does tend to make us feel good about ourselves, and leaves you feeling full of energy, more so than...

How To Get Your Conservatory Organised For The Summer

15th June 2021

It’s almost time for the summer holidays, thank goodness! We all deserve some time off and if the expensiveness of hotel and camping accommodation has made you decide to take your annual summer break at home, you want to get your conservatory prepared for the occasion.  A conservatory is always one of the main features...

Why Your Homecation This Summer Will Be So Much Better With Bi-Folds

15th May 2021

We know that a lot of people will decide not to travel abroad this summer, and prefer to have a holiday at a UK resort or in their home.  A homecation will barely cost you a penny compared to travelling to Spain or Greece, and you can recreate many of the things you would experience...

TradeMark’s Advice When It Comes To Buying New Replacement Windows

7th May 2021

It’s easy to take your windows for granted, but you shouldn’t do that because they fulfill so many important roles for your house.  They help to dictate the appearance of a property, and make it a secure place to live. Windows also give us an outdoor view when we’re indoors, and let the sun come...

Sales Tactics You Should Swerve When Buying Home Improvements

15th April 2021

The products we sell at TradeMark speak for themselves, and we have a brilliant team of people within the company, so we don’t need to resort to questionable sales tactics.  Unfortunately, there are still a small pocket of window and door installers who are only in the business to make a quick buck, rather than...

How To Create A Workspace That Helps You Successfully Work From Home

12th April 2021

It’s been more than a year now since lots of workers were booted out of their offices and forced to work from home.  Working from home has actually turned out very well for some businesses, so much so that several of them have come out and said their employees will no longer be obliged to...

Peace Of Mind For A Decade - TradeMark Provides A 10 Year Guarantee

10th March 2021

TradeMark has many selling-points as a home improvement business, with one of the biggest of them being our longevity in this industry – it shows that we must have been doing something right all these years! Alongside that, TradeMark also hands over a very impressive guarantee to its customers when we have finished installing one,...

3 Things To Consider When Getting A Conservatory Fitted

9th March 2021

A guaranteed way to revive your excitement for home living in your current property is to have a conservatory incorporated into it.  It will provide you with a brand-new space to imprint your personality and enjoy together as a family, and also in isolation when you need some time alone.  You will find every possible...

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