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Will You Need Building Regulations Approval For A Solid Roof?

21st June 2022

Requests for our solid roof systems traditionally increase in summer because some householders find themselves faced with a conservatory or orangery that gets unbearably hot, and a solid roof can solve this. It’s an easily fitted product and can sometimes be completed in a matter of hours, causing minimum disruption. But we’ll never fit a...

Our New Home Edit Magazine Has Launched

9th June 2022

There are very few home-related publications that exist nowadays if you’re on the lookout for home improvement inspiration, and those that remain come at a cost. So, we decided to create our own, and guess what? It’s completely FREE of charge. It’s been christened ‘Home Edit’ and is a 28-page magazine that’s full of home...

How To Give Your Entrance A More Modern Look

26th May 2022

What enticed you to buy your home? We bet that the first impression you got of it from the outside was a major contributory factor. Does it look quite as impressive now as it did back then? If not, you have some work to do. Sprucing up your entrance is the biggest priority of all,...

Why You're Assured Of A Quality Installation At TradeMark

28th April 2022

We never take for granted just how much faith a customer is placing in TradeMark when they turn to us for a window, door or living space installation.  It’s a huge investment that people are making and for that reason, nothing but the best is what every TradeMark customer deserves, and that’s exactly what you...

Commit To A Window And Door Upgrade To Try Fight Against Energy Costs

12th April 2022

Rising food prices, petrol and diesel costs on the up, a hike in National Insurance and clothing more expensive than normal. There’s a lot for you to contend with right now, and that’s before we even mention energy bills, a huge and unwelcome drain on every homeowner’s finances.  It’s all come quite out of the...

French Doors vs Patio Doors vs Bi-Folding Doors

11th March 2022

Spring has almost sprung and it won’t be long until summer makes a very welcome appearance – who doesn’t love extra long days and better weather? Is your home prepared for it? We would suggest not if you don’t have a door that enables you to seamlessly connect your indoor and outdoor spaces. Your garden...

3 Things You Can Do At Home To Attract More Natural Light

7th March 2022

For your home to feel bright and inviting for both your family and your house guests, it needs lots of natural light entering into it. This can also aid your physical and mental wellbeing and positively influence your mood.  Now that we’re in touching distance of spring and will soon be forwarding our clocks an...

3 Possible Uses For A Conservatory

16th February 2022

The popularity of the conservatory shows no signs of diminishing, with it still being many people’s preferred choice of extension.  That doesn’t come as any surprise to us as conservatories with glazed partitioning uk are glorious spaces, where you can enjoy an amazing view of the outside world in its glazed surround, whilst savouring its...

TradeMark’s Tips On Giving Your Home A Lift With Colour

14th February 2022

Very steadily, our homes are starting to receive more natural light as we head towards the spring and look forward to the clocks going forward.  The light from the sun enriches living spaces, but it’s still in quite short supply at the moment. To make up for that, all you need to do is implement...

Don’t Miss Your Last Chance To Buy During Our Winter Price Freeze

24th January 2022

Ahead of an upcoming price increase on some of our products, TradeMark currently has a price freeze across our range, but this promotion will soon be ending.  We hate having to raise our prices and only do so when we have no other option. It’s been instigated by the rising cost of materials and various...

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