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Homespiration - How To Make Your Home A Dream To Live In

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Lockdown would have been much easier for you to get through if you love the house you live in. Over the last few weeks, you should have become more physically and mentally attached to it than ever before. 

If you haven’t, then there is work to be done on your part. You need to grab the bull by the horns and help your home fulfil its potential, and it will have plenty of that, whether you live in an old farmhouse or new-build home. 

Reimagining your four walls just takes some clever thought, some DIY and lots of TLC. With all of this, you can do almost anything you want. 

Home interiors not your specialist area? That’s OK. You can always look towards online influencers qualified in this field for ‘Homespiration’, very much like we have when drawing up these ideas you can deploy in your living space:

Go for open-plan

Open-plan living is so big in Britain at present that you find it strange when you walk into a house and it doesn’t have an open-plan space. A good number of people use their open-plan area as a kitchen-diner-living space.

No desire to move house, but fancy an open-plan space? A remodelling job of your old Victorian terrace or semi-detached house should sort it if you want a supremely functional room where family interaction is easy. 

When organising an open-plan arrangement, ensure that it will provide a distinct atmosphere and endless practicality. It should also be beautifully bright in the day and spacious too. So that you feel cosy in its confines, try to avoid it being too exposed to outside eyes.

Take a minute at a window 

As pleasant as it is to be sharing a house with several people, you need some time to yourself on the odd occasion. 

If you have a fireplace, what could be better than sitting alone next to it on a cold winter’s day? For summer though, you would be better off making up a window seat at some peaceful indoor spot. 

Bay windows are often used as window seats, but they can be established under other window styles if they have room underneath for a suitably sized bench or trunk. A padded base just needs to be placed on top of it, along with a couple of cushions. 

Make it the place you head for to read a book or have a general nosey at what’s going on outside.

Divide your garden into zones

We will be heavily reliant on our gardens this summer seeing as holidays abroad won’t be possible, so let’s hope there’s more good weather to come. 

Holidaying at home will be enormous fun for everyone if your garden is well set up for lots of outdoor activity. If it has enough capacity, think about splitting it into zones, with areas specifically reserved for al fresco dining, playing and relaxing. 

Just as you would in foreign climes, enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in the open air, and give the kids their own space to run riot, without it causing you an inconvenience. 

Exchange the usual holiday accommodation for camping outside, pitching up all your tents in a zone best for unwinding after an action-packed day in the garden.

Private Showroom Appointments are being offered to customers by TradeMark if you would like more ‘Homespiration’ from our team of consultants.  

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