Are your fascias, soffits and guttering looking tired and in need of repair?
UPVC Fascias, Soffits & Guttering

We can improve the appearance of your home and save you having to paint your fascias and soffits, making them maintenance free. We will remove all of your existing timber fascias and soffits and replace them completely with durable, virtually no maintenance, premium quality UPVC.

We also include concealed ventilators, felt trays to prevent water penetration and eave comb fillers for general insect and bird protection. Soffit areas are replaced with rigid hollow tongue and grooved soffit board, slatted for maximum effect.

UPVC Roofline
Fascias & Soffits in high quality UPVC...

There are hundreds of properties across Berkshire, Hampshire & Surrey that still have traditional wooden fascias and soffits. When continuously subjected to rainfall, the porousness of the wood can lead to leaks and serious water damage, and you’re fighting a lost cause if you hope to reverse this common trend.

Full Replacement or Cap-Over

You’re always wise to resist fitting capping boards over rotting fascias as it rarely fixes any problems in the long-term. The nails hammered in will eventually come loose and leave the fascias exposed to the elements again, putting you back to square one. A full fascia replacement will be worth every penny and permanently solve matters, leaving you with no future headaches.

UPVC Roofline Versus Softwood Timber

Softwood timber roofline has a tendency to rot and come apart very quickly once water seeps into the wood. UPVC roofline, on the other hand, is better equipped to deal with our inclement weather because of its weather-resistant qualities. It doesn’t need repainting like softwood timber either, and it’s much easier to clean, only needing a firm wipe with a wet cloth every once in a while.

UPVC Fascias & Soffits
Say goodbye to softwood timber and hello to UPVC bargeboards...

You don’t know what the weather will do from one day to the next in this country, but what we do know is that your bargeboards need to be able to handle everything the weather throws at them. Unless they’re capable of coping with heavy rain, extreme wind and sweltering heat, there’s a good chance you will see gaps and holes appear in them. UPVC bargeboards will beat the weather at its own game.

The very thought of having to frequently maintain your old timber bargeboards should persuade you to upgrade to low-maintenance UPVC bargeboards. They can also be bought in a welcome choice of styles and colours.

UPVC Bargeboards
UPVC guttering and downpipes are so strong...

The finest quality guttering and downpipes are available at TradeMark, and they really look the part too. Their beautiful styling will have an immediate visual impact on your house, and they’ll play an important role in protecting the place from water damage. Supplied in five designs and four separate colours, we manufacture them from UPVC, so you needn’t concern yourself with any repair or repainting work.

To prevent any debris getting into your guttering and blocking rainwater from running freely, ask our team to include Gutter Guard protection. This will also stop any leaves, twigs, moss or birds’ nests from finding a home inside the guttering. Infestation can also be averted by fitting an insect guard above the vented soffit boards.

UPVC Guttering
Change your home’s identity with UPVC cladding...

Our UPVC cladding has a highly distinctive embossed woodgrain effect and comes in five available finishes and three different styles. This low-cost product will certainly not go unnoticed by regular visitors to your property and it will benefit the house for years to come. There is simply no comparison between UPVC cladding and authentic wooden cladding as the former is lower maintenance, more robust and weather-resistant. It also offers a more impressive standard of insulation.

You will need to do very little to keep UPVC cladding in pristine condition. Put away the paintbrush and just grab a wet, soapy cloth to get rid of any dirt that forms on the surface of the building material. It will prove to be a worthy investment and make a valuable contribution towards halting water damage.

UPVC Cladding


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