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3 Home Improvement Suggestions For Those Living In A Small Home

3 home improvement ideas for smaller homes

You can never have too much space at home, particularly if you live in a new-build home that was constructed in the last 40 years. We say that because during that time, the average size of a new-build has shrunk by 20%! 

Making houses smaller is convenient for housing developers as it makes them cheaper to build and also enables them to construct more of them. It’s not so convenient for those living in them though. 

Upsizing won’t be a possibility for some people, so the only option then is to try and create the feeling of spaciousness, which isn’t hard to accomplish:

Use mirrors

One of the most effective methods is to install mirrors in those rooms that are on the small side. They just need to be the right size and in the right parts of the room. 

Don’t buy lots of mirrors and group them together as it will be better to buy larger mirrors with a small surround and put them near a window somewhere. 

You also don’t want to install any mirrors close to a wall or edge of a ceiling, and ensure the centre of your mirrors are at the eye-level of a person of average height.


Choose a light colour scheme

It’s well-known that light colours are great for reflecting natural light, making them ideal for rooms that receive a high quantity of natural light. The lightest of them all would be a pure white. 

If you have a room that only gets a bit of sunshine, what will reflect light more successfully is actually a darker finish, such as black. 

When repainting any walls, use the same paint to also colour your ceiling, trims and doors. Don’t leave them out.

A colour pallette for an extension

Install bi-folding, French or patio doors

To extend your house into the garden, all it takes is the addition of a bi-folding, French or patio door. As soon as they’re open, they will make that happen. 

The various openings that you can create with these doors will also allow a generous amount of natural light to pour into your interior. 

That sunshine will continue to come in even if the doors are closed as bi-folds, French and patio doors have very large glazed panes and trim framework.

A partly open bi-folding door

TradeMark is on-hand to organise the installation of these door solutions, if you need them to bring the outdoors indoors. Arrange a FREE quote here.

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