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How Is Condensation Caused And Steps You Can Take To Stop It

When pulling back the curtains first thing on a cold, winter’s morning, are you always greeted by the ugly sight of condensation all over your windows? 

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You often have to wait until around lunchtime for the water droplets that form to evaporate, or if you want rid of them quicker, you either have to leave the windows open for a while, which isn’t ideal when it’s freezing outside, or wipe it all away with a towel, which will leave it sodden. 

It’s a phenomenon that affects so many households in the winter and autumn months. 

To put an end to it, you really need to understand why it happens first. 

The chief cause of condensation is having too much moisture inside a home, and also a high level of humidity. 

This moisture and humidity builds up in different ways, such as when you take a hot bath and don’t open a window to let the heat escape, or cook vegetables in pans on the hob without leaving their lids on. 

When it has nowhere to go, that’s when condensation on windows can become a recurring issue.

Doing nothing about condensation is not advisable – it really needs to be tackled somehow. If it’s just left to fester, it can diminish the structural integrity of your windows and doors, and also lead to excess damp and mould, which can have a detrimental impact on your health. 

For a permanent solution to condensation, install energy efficient double or triple glazed windows. 

They have a much warmer profile than single glazed windows, so they will keep condensation at bay. Admittedly, you can sometimes get a little bit of external condensation on energy efficient windows in the mornings during March / April and October, but it won’t be present for long. 

It briefly appears because of how much the outdoor temperature fluctuates at these times of the year, and disappears very quickly after any sort of breeze hits the glass. 

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