Forté Composite Doors

We’re once again at the cutting edge of innovation and proud to release the Forté composite door range for the householders of Berkshire, Hampshire & Surrey.
Discover Forté’s unmatched excellence

The replacement door market is flooded with composite door solutions, but none that are comparable with Forté, which flawlessly integrates style, functionality, and energy efficiency. Across the pioneering collection there are a smorgasbord of designs, glass choices, and coloured finishes to select from so you can tailor your Forté door to your Berkshire, Hampshire, or Surrey property.

Forté doors really come into their own on the energy efficiency front, clasping heat in tight to ensure relentless warmth. Your internals will experience raised comfort levels, and this will have a positive knock-on effect on your energy consumption volumes and fuel bills. Forté’s toughness derives from its frame composition of UPVC, wood, insulating foam and additional resilient materials.

Forte Composite Doors
The Core

The Forté composite door is engineered with a PU foam-filled core, optimised for maximum thermal efficiency. This design ensures superior insulation, contributing to high energy efficiency. Additionally, the door features a robust LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) subframe, providing enhanced strength and durability.

Specifically tailored for the UK market, the Forté composite door combines advanced thermal performance with exceptional structural integrity.

Inox Myrtle Agate Grey Graphite Contemporary Forte Door