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How To Give Your Entrance A More Modern Look

Modernise Your Entrance

What enticed you to buy your home? We bet that the first impression you got of it from the outside was a major contributory factor.

Does it look quite as impressive now as it did back then? If not, you have some work to do.

Sprucing up your entrance is the biggest priority of all, which will make it more attractive, more inviting to guests and restore the pride you have in the place.

Fit a new front door

A front door is such a strong focal point and it makes sense to replace yours if it is exhibiting signs of age – TradeMark has so many replacement door styles in its range.

It will modernise your entrance and give it the kerb appeal it lacks, as well as boost the rest of the house.

Choose a door colour carefully. White is quite traditional, so you may be better off going for a grey shade of some kind as grey is a very fashionable finish at present. You could always combine the two and have a dual-coloured door, with grey externally and white internally.

Wide range of colours

Frame the door with plants

If you can’t afford a new door, you could always just spruce up your existing one on the cheap with the introduction of some plants around it.

The favourite door plant for many is the topiary tree, with a pair of them on either side of the door, both perfectly pruned.

You shouldn’t go overboard though, and just limit it to a plant or two, otherwise it can look OTT.

Dress your door

Door furniture

When buying a door from us, you will be shown the various accessories there are for your chosen design, of which they’ll be many, including lots of handles and knockers.

We have traditional door furniture, such as knockers in the form of an animal, but also a host of contemporary equivalents, like a chrome ring or bar.

You could adorn the wall next to your door with an oversized number plate, a current popular touch.

Finishing touches

So, there you go! Now it’s time to make your entrance as elegant as it ought to be. If TradeMark can help with that by, for instance, taking care of providing a new door, just contact our team here.

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