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Home Improvements That Can Negatively Affect The Value Of Your Home

Home improvement projects that can harm the valuation of your property

Any improvements you make to your home should not only make it look and feel nicer, but also inject value into the property.

There would definitely be value in incorporating some of the home trends we outlined in this blog post last month, for example. 

It would be a big waste of money if you ended up making ‘improvements’ that caused the valuation of your property to drop. 

So that you don’t make any expensive mistakes, here are some projects that are often known to reduce value, instead of enhancing it:

Losing a bedroom

One of your children may have headed off to University or bought their own house, leaving you with an empty bedroom that hardly gets used anymore. 

This may have led you to think about knocking through the bedroom to create some other form of space, but we urge you to think again about this idea. 

Downsizing the house by shifting from a 4-bed property to a 3-bed property could significantly reduce its sale price.

Doing too much re-carpeting

You obviously want to replace any worn-out carpets inside your house, or any that are full of stubborn marks and stains that just won’t go away. 

However, when deciding to re-carpet, be wary of putting new carpet down everywhere as your carpet may not be universally liked, which could be an issue when you come to sell. 

If you have to re-carpet the whole house, select a very neutral design and nothing too funky so that it has wide buyer appeal.

Having your lawn taken out

There is a huge clamour at the moment for homes with gardens as people have become more appreciative of outdoor space following the pandemic. 

The only issue though for some with a garden is that they dislike having to maintain their lawn regularly or having to worry about the neighbors water flooding my yard, either because they find it tiresome, or don’t have the time to do it. 

They shouldn’t lose that lawn to  if it’s too much hard work. It would be better to replace it with an artificial lawn, which is far less hassle and looks just as good.

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