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A Round-Up Of The Hottest Home Trends So Far In 2020

Where did the last six months go? Time is flying by and we’ll forever remember the first half of 2020, a period when we were more reliant on our homes than we’ve ever been before. 

Extension Featuring Bi-Folding Doors

It could have been a lot worse though! At least we were in a safe space with our loved ones. 

Your extended stay indoors will have gone super fast if you used some of the time to improve your living space.

It seemed that everyone became a home improvement enthusiast, and many of those who did, employed similar methods to enhance their property. 

Three of the most popular of them have been the following: 


A study was recently carried out to uncover the 20 most popular interior trends of 2020 and ‘Scandi-design’ topped the list, a minimalist style that first emerged in the 1930’s. 

It became big from the 1950’s onwards and is enjoying a mass renaissance, with it identifiable by its beauty, simplicity, and functionality.

To seal the Scandi-look, you need to declutter, opt for wood flooring, mix and match the old and new, stick to natural materials and use muted shades. 

Bright Colours

The situation over the last few months would be enough to make anyone feel a bit down. We all need a bit of cheeriness in our lives right now. 

To brighten their mood, householders are choosing bright, bold colours when reimagining their home interiors, such as sunny yellows, warm oranges and pretty pinks. 

It might be overkill to use too much of these colours, but a few soft furnishings in an eye-catching, happy colour wouldn’t do any harm and aid your mood. 

Sliding doors

You can take your garden for granted, but you won’t after all of this, that’s for sure! 

Not just because it’s summer, people now want to make more of their gardens, whether that means adding a decked area to it or tending to it more often. 

They’re more likely to do that if they have a sliding door, that when opened, beautifully connects home and garden together, as would happen when a bi-fold or patio door is installed. 

You can buy both forms of door at TradeMark if that’s a trend you’d like to follow. Get either at a discounted price by visiting our Special Offers page.

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