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Which Should You Choose Out Of A UPVC Or Composite Door?

We’re repeatedly told of the importance of having an attractive front door so that our homes create a good first impression. A front door that looks like it’s on its last legs, is not what you want! 

Solid Oak Composite Door

You should get your front door changed if its best days are behind it, especially as there are so many beautiful replacement doors available from companies such as TradeMark. 

We offer an incredible number of UPVC and composite door designs.

If you’re unsure whether to buy a UPVC door or composite door, things may become clearer once you have done some reading into both door options. 


Did you know that UPVC stands for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride? Well, you do now, and it explains why UPVC doors have a plasticky appearance. 

The plastic effect will be off-putting for some people, but you can have UPVC doors finished in almost any colour nowadays. 

If you didn’t know otherwise, you would think that a composite door was solely made from timber as it looks wooden, but it’s actually crafted from several materials, wood being one of them. 

The doors never lose their good looks as they are weather-resistant. 


A composite door is the more costly of the two, but a composite door can last for 30+ years, so you certainly get value for money. 

Don’t mistake the cheapness of a UPVC door, in comparison to a composite door, as being a sign of a lesser product – that’s simply not true! UPVC doors also have an impressive lifespan. 


One of the biggest jobs of your front door is to keep your home safe. 

As we said before, multiple constituents are amalgamated together to manufacture a composite door, explaining why it’s so thick, and also so tough. 

The strength of a UPVC door isn’t quite to the same level, but it does have a series of secure components, including a multi-point locking mechanism and robust hardware. 

Before you make a final decision, it would be worth having a Private Showroom Appointment at our Woodley site so that you can check out several UPVC and composite doors first.

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