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Commit To A Window And Door Upgrade To Try Fight Against Energy Costs

Rising food prices, petrol and diesel costs on the up, a hike in National Insurance and clothing more expensive than normal. There’s a lot for you to contend with right now, and that’s before we even mention energy bills, a huge and unwelcome drain on every homeowner’s finances. 

It’s all come quite out of the blue where energy is concerned as before April 1st, the energy price cap was £1277, whereas it’s now £1971, and in October, it looks like that figure could hit anything between £2600 and £3000. 

Switching suppliers might be difficult as very few cheaper tariffs exist at the moment, much to the chagrin of everyone, so there’s only one thing called for – the installation of energy efficient windows and doors. 

TradeMark cannot champion them enough, as we’ll now elucidate.

Energy Efficient Windows

Now, more than ever, you can’t afford to be losing heat from your home, but you may well be if your windows aren’t offering sufficient insulation. 

To identify whether you’re losing heat through your windows, examine them and look out for moisture and mould, any cracks in the sealant, and see if you can feel any faint or very noticeable draught. 

If new windows are required, our Extreme range is one of several collections that come A+ rated as standard, which upon their installation, might save you money every year on energy.

Energy Efficient Doors

Front and back doors are also a very common source of heat loss at homes if they’re a dated design. Do the same tests on your doors as your windows to detect heat loss. 

You need doors with a great U-value, and you will get that with a replacement door as the minimum required U-value is 1.8 W/m²for compliance with Building Regulations. 

The lower the U-value, the higher the standard of insulation a door provides, and the U-values of our replacement doors offer that, which could translate into significant energy savings.


10 years of fantastic performance is the very least you will get out of our energy efficient windows and doors. 

Make arrangements for an installation prior to the inevitable price cap rise in October by booking an appointment with our team.

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