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Need A Repair? Ask A TradeMark Window Doctor To Make A Pre-Winter Visit

Even if you had a crystal ball, you would probably still find it difficult to foresee what the weather will be like this winter, such is our volatile climate. 

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Maybe it’s the pessimist in us, but we always believe you’re better preparing for the worst. So, if you’re experiencing any issues with your windows, doors or conservatory at the moment, get them seen to NOW and don’t wait a minute longer. 

If you fail to act, it could prove to be a very costly mistake, both from a financial and emotive perspective as it could result in a break-in, water damage or worse. 

You won’t be left with such headaches if you let the Window Doctor visit and work their magic on any damaged home improvements. 

They have experience in taking care of broken locks and hinges, damaged units and leaks. 

To safeguard against any problems arising in the winter or further down the line, you can request a health check by the Window Doctor. 

A health check will involve them carrying out a thorough inspection of your windows, doors and any living space you have to ensure they have no underlying issues that could pose a problem in the future. If any snags are found, they will tell you and if requested to, they will conduct the necessary repair. Please, don’t be tempted to put off any required repairs as it’s a gamble that rarely pays off. 

Have you recently added to your family and got a cat or dog? 

Our Window Doctors can even turn their hand to installing cat and dog flaps at homes, so they can easily get in and out of the house. They’ll meow or bark their seal of approval, we’re sure. 

The TradeMark Window Doctor will see you now. Click here to get an appointment booked in with one. 


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