Navigating Planning Permission: A TradeMark Guide

Navigating Planning Permission: A TradeMark Guide

When you express your interest in adding a conservatory to your home with TradeMark, we take the initiative to schedule a design appointment. During this crucial discussion, we delve into the intricacies of planning permission, ensuring you’re well-informed every step of the way.

Our team of design experts is well-acquainted with the ever-evolving landscape of planning permission regulations. We’re committed to sharing our knowledge, because understanding these regulations is essential. Non-compliance can lead to complications in future home sales or demands from local authorities to undertake costly alterations or even demolitions.

Rest assured, by choosing TradeMark, you’re choosing a partner with an unwavering commitment to adhering to planning laws. Our design and build team will handle the planning phase meticulously, ensuring strict compliance with all regulations.

Do you need planning permission for your conservatory project?

In most cases, you won’t need planning permission for your home improvement project if it falls within the limits and conditions defined by Permitted Development.

Holding Permitted Development Rights means you can extend your home without the need for a full planning application.

To provide you with clarity, we’ve created a dedicated page outlining the complete list of limits and conditions.

Solid roof conservatory

What about porches? Do they require planning permission?

Expanding the front of your house with a porch comes with specific regulations. Fortunately, no planning application is usually necessary if your porch meets these criteria:

1. The ground floor area (measured externally) doesn’t exceed three square metres.
2. No part of the porch extends more than three metres above ground level (measured similarly to a house extension).
3. The porch remains at least two metres away from any boundary of the dwellinghouse and the highway.

Anthracite Grey porch

How does the planning process work?

Submitting a planning application is straightforward and can be done via post, email, or online through the Planning Portal website—the central hub for planning and building regulations information in England.

The cost of your planning application may vary depending on your location, and the Planning Portal’s fee calculator can provide precise details.

Once your application is received and verified, it enters a public consultation phase, which typically lasts three to eight weeks. This phase allows neighbours to voice any comments or concerns about your proposed development. After this period, and unless it’s a particularly complex project, you should receive prompt notification of the application’s approval or refusal.

Checking for Planning Permission

Encouragingly, around 86% of planning applications are approved. With TradeMark as your partner, you can navigate this process with ease. Our in-depth understanding of planning laws ensures a seamless experience.

Our comprehensive Guide to Planning Permission, available on our website, offers additional invaluable insights into this critical aspect of home improvement. Don’t embark on your home enhancement journey without consulting it.


One of our multi-purpose living spaces will give you the roominess that you desire so that you can also invite more people over and feel so much less restricted.



One of our multi-purpose living spaces will give you the roominess that you desire so that you can also invite more people over and feel so much less restricted.



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