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How To Reinstate Space Inside Of Your Home

Make More Space At Home

One of the most common complaints that you hear from homeowners with children is that they wish they had more space in their house.

It’s a real annoyance for them, and that annoyance is doubled if they cannot afford to relocate to a bigger property or have an extension added onto their existing space.

We understand the frustration of anyone in this position and want to do our bit to help.

So, we’ve come up with a few ways of making a house feel roomy again to hopefully end any space-related pain.


Did you do your annual spring clean? If not, you’ve doubtless also failed to declutter the house. Put that right and add decluttering duties to your schedule.

With the help of others, go through each room in your house and look to see if anything sitting on floors or gathering dust on shelves can be thrown away, donated or recycled, if it’ll help make space.

Play around with furniture too e.g. sofa, chairs, and find an arrangement that takes up less floor space.

A woman decluttering the house

Aluminium windows

After a thorough declutter, you then want to look into how you can entice more natural light indoors and your windows are the most obvious place to start.

Old windows often have quite bulky frames, whereas modern aluminium windows have a super-slim profile, with glass dominating their design – more glass equals more natural light. Bingo!

From the moment they’re installed, you will see and feel the difference they make and won’t quite believe your eyes.

Aluminium windows

Large glass door

We get so much bad weather in this country that the first sign of sunshine instantly makes us want to go outside in the garden and imagine making your way there through a bi-folding door or some other sliding door.

During a heatwave, you could leave this door completely open, which will flood your interior with sunlight and a full or partial closure of the door won’t stop that happening either.

This is because our feature doors are made using aluminium and have the most slender framework and bags of glass.

Large glazed doors in an extension

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