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How To Make Your House Feel Fantastically Festive

Are you feeling Christmassy yet? OK, it might not be the normal Christmas, but you should feel excited about it, which you definitely will be after decorating your house. 

December is here, so it’s time that you got to work on giving it a festive feel throughout. 

If you have children, encourage them to get involved and do some Christmas crafting that you can put on display. 

After the year we’ve had, you’ve every reason to go a bit overboard with your decks, and we’re here to tell you how to do it:

Hang your Christmas tree from the ceiling

Do you have pets that like to clamber onto your Christmas tree? If you hang it from the ceiling, they’re less likely to be able to do that. But that’s not the only reason to do it. 

Upside-down Christmas trees are selling like hot cakes, with celebs such as Ariana Grande showing theirs off on social media. It is a trend that’s resurfaced as it was first done in the Middle Ages. 

Christmas Tree World are selling them, as are many other online retailers.

Light up your staircase

Doors and windows get decorated for Christmas, so why not your staircase too? Lit up, you will love running up and down them. 

Our recommendation is to buy an all-natural garland with fairy lights intertwined into it that you can attach to the top or at the base of your bannister. The stair rails can also have mini garlands twisted around them. 

And be decorative on the steps too, perhaps placing little Christmas boxes on every one of them all the way up.

Wrap your front door to make it look like a present

Do away with the door wreath for one year and wrap your front door instead, turning it into one giant looking gift. 

You need very little to do it, just some fabric (red is the best colour for white or light-coloured doors), a large bow, duct tape and a heavy duty magnet. 

Take the door measurements first so the fabric is cut to the perfect size and then wrap the door with it, using the tape to keep it in place. The magnet will hold the bow down.

Once the door decoration has been removed post-Christmas, you may decide to invest in a new door. TradeMark has a fantastic selection of replacement doors and can supply you with a FREE quote for one.

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