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Ways To Keep Your Mind And Body Healthy At Home

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The lockdown restrictions have been partially relaxed, which will come as a relief to the millions of householders who are finding it a bit difficult.

But normality won’t resume for a while yet and being at home for virtually 24/7 is easier than it sounds, so you can understand why anyone might struggle with it. What can help these people is as well as trying to have a positive mindset and reminding themselves that they’re in a really safe place, is retaining a healthy mind and a healthy body.

Both mind and body can be kept fit throughout the rest of lockdown with a three-step approach:

Have a daily schedule but one that’s relaxed

As tempting as it is, staying in bed all day won’t do you any good. You need to try and keep busy and assign yourself with tasks that you can do each day within your house. 

When you get them done, you will feel like you’ve achieved something and the satisfaction from that will be great.  

After that’s out of the way, have a video-call with any friends or family members that you’re unable to see at the moment. It’s never been more important to talk and connect with the people you’re closest to. Use Zoom or Skype to hold a mass online chat, which will definitely lift your spirits.

Tip One

Make outdoor living a regularity

Your mind and body both need to be exposed to the sun and it’s amazing what a bit of fresh air can do. 

Take your daily permitted outdoor exercise and also use your garden to the fullest, especially now the weather is on the up.

As we so often do on holiday, have your mealtimes outdoors, with breakfast, lunch and dinner taken in the open, ideally in a spot that collects lots of sunshine. The kids will love this outdoor-driven lifestyle and you can bet your life that you will all sleep better for it, come your bedtimes.

Tip Two

Take up baking

Britons have gone bonkers for baking, just like they did when the Great British Bake Off first hit our TV screens. 

You don’t want to eat too much cake, but baking lots of it is a good way of relieving stress and strengthening your mental wellbeing. 

Never baked before? Who cares. It’ll be a laugh. Get out those mixing bowls, cake tins, whisks etc. and see what sort of showstopper you can cook up. 

Have a Home Bake Off if you live in a competitive household and find out who in the family deserves the title of ‘Star Baker’.

Tip three

Now would also be a good time to arrange home improvements you can look forward to having installed after lockdown has ended. TradeMark is operating a FREE Online Appointment Service to help you get them organised.

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