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How To Make The Most Of Your Conservatory During Summer (And Winter)?

If you avoid your glass roof conservatory during the summer because it’s simply too hot to relax in, it could be time to replace your current roof with a thermally efficient solid roof.

Replacement Roof Solutions

Recent temperatures saw parts of the UK experiencing highs of forty degrees and scientists are warning that this could become a regular occurrence as climate change continues to be a threat.

Even without a heatwave, thousands of households are unable to use their conservatory during summer and winter because it either overheats or feels too draughty. This is unacceptable.

Fortunately, TradeMark has the solution to your poorly insulated living space.

The installation of a solid tiled roof will ensure you get the most out of your living space, whether that’s during a heatwave or a particularly cold day in winter.

Our team of installers can remove your conservatory’s glass roof and replace it with a solid tiled roof, making your space temperature controlled throughout the year.

Once we have inspected the conservatory, we will begin the installation. The current structure will remain in place and only the roof will be removed. It can be completed in just three days.

Our modern solid roofs meet all thermal and structural standards and consist of in-built roofing technology, insulation infills and authentic tiles to ensure your conservatory stays thermally efficient regardless of the weather.

During summer, a new roof will reduce the amount of heat that enters your conservatory and it will lock in internal heat during the winter. Your living space will always be comfortable.

Moreover, as household bills continue to rise, a solid roof will make your home more energy efficient, and therefore it could also save you money.

Transform the year-round functionality of your glass roof conservatory. Request a quote for a replacement tiled roof here.

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