We’re so confident in our solid roofs that we give each of our customers a 10 year guarantee with the product. Hopefully, this gives you satisfactory peace of mind and proves the roof will deliver what you want it to.


Parting with your hard-earned cash to invest in a new roof will be worth the financial commitment, but only if you refuse to cut any concerns and insist on the highest standard of performance, nothing less.

Some solid roofs are sold without a guarantee, which seems unthinkable, and others are not properly insurance backed. We have no hesitation in giving you an insurance backed guarantee (IBG) that lasts for a decade as we know that our roofs have been expertly manufactured and can perform for a lifetime. Our insistence on only using top-class materials and components also gives us confidence in the guarantee we provide.

Windows Guarantee


Having such a comprehensive guarantee is also consist with our Environmental Policy. Making roofing systems that last for such a long time prevents the need for them to be replaced again, putting a stop to any over consumption and harmful carbon emissions.

There is a considerable cost involved in buying a replacement roof, so why accept anything less than a 10-year insurance backed guarantee? Over its lifespan, it will save you a fortune through the energy savings you will make, and your living space will look and feel so much improved by its presence.

Windows Guarantee