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Why Your Homecation This Summer Will Be So Much Better With Bi-Folds

We know that a lot of people will decide not to travel abroad this summer, and prefer to have a holiday at a UK resort or in their home. 

Grey Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors

A homecation will barely cost you a penny compared to travelling to Spain or Greece, and you can recreate many of the things you would experience on a foreign holiday, such as topping up your tan or eating exotic food. 

To enhance the home holidaying experience, we cannot speak highly enough of bi-folding doors, which will add a new dimension to the place. 

How exactly will they benefit you in summer? This is why:

Bring the outdoors, indoors

Rather than have your garden closed off from your home during the daytimes, why not open out the house with the introduction of a bi-folding to almost completely eliminate a wall. 

We can supply you with up to a 7-pane design, which, as you can imagine, spans a significant distance, and will add that outdoor feeling to your indoor space. 

The big opening offered by a bi-folding door will also serve as an encouragement to make more use of the garden.

Handy for ventilation

Our optimism is high for a scorching hot summer this year – let’s hope we’re right! 

If we are, the hot summer sun could end up making your internal living area feel far too warm, leaving you in a massive pool of sweat, which is never a good look to have. 

Keep the sweat at bay by inviting some fresh air to enter its way, thanks to the opening of your bi-folds, either partly or fully extended to one side. 

Useful for when eating outside

One of the best bits about going away is getting to eat out every night, and there’s nothing to stop that from happening when you are at home. 

It will be the barbecuing season, giving you a great excuse to cook up some sausages and burgers on the grill and display your culinary expertise to the whole of the family. 

The relevance of bi-folds in this is that they will help you get to your kitchen more easily than through a conventional door. This is good for when taking plates and other eating aids outside. 

TradeMark would love to take organise bi-folding doors for you this summer. Read more about the product here.

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