The extra pane of glass is worth the extra investment…
Triple glazing is becoming more and more popular…

First developed in Norway and Demark, Triple Glazing was created to provide homes with effective insulation in even the most freezing of temperatures.

Once considered expensive and something of a luxury, Triple Glazed Windows are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners thanks to their incredible energy efficiency and the continued drop in triple glazing prices.

White Extreme UPVC Windows
Approximately 40% more energy efficient than standard A-rated double glazing…

Easily fitted to any style of window, Triple Glazing looks very similar to traditional double glazing; the one simple difference being there are three panes of glass instead of two. As with double glazing, the individual panes of Triple Glazed glass are separated by a vacuum.

This vacuum, created using a special gas, serves to prevent heat from passing from the home. This third pane of glass makes a huge difference in terms of both outside noise reduction and heat insulation; with Triple Glazing Windows approximately 60% more heat efficient than standard ‘C’ rated double glazed windows.

Triple Glazing Windows
Triple glazing reduces your energy costs…

Even the highest standard A-rated double glazed window struggles to compete with the thermal properties of a triple glazed window. Triple glazing performs so outstandingly primarily because of the soft glass reflecting heat from your boiler back into the house and stopping it from escaping.

Energy bills will be far more manageable after the fitting of triple glazing and your home will be better protected from the weather. The added resilience of a triple glazed window will also heighten security at home.

Triple Glazing Windows
Triple glazing will help eliminate cold spots and draughts...

No-one should have to live in a house where you can feel the weather indoors. Draughts are the responsibility of your windows and their inability to keep the elements out. Fitting triple glazed windows will resolve such matters and keep the respective rooms well-insulated through the whole year.

When temperatures drop outside, you won’t be able to notice any difference inside. An enhancement of comfort levels will see your reliance on your heating drop and this will also be beneficial for the environment. Home comfort is something that everyone deserves.

Triple Glazing Windows
That third pane of glass makes your home more secure...

Do you feel twitchy about home security? It shouldn’t be something you lose sleep over or panic about when you’re away from your house. Any nervousness in this regard will disperse once you have upgraded your current windows to triple glazed windows from TradeMark.

Each of the three glass panes is internally glazed to prevent their removal from the outside. All of our triple glazed window designs also have a multi-point locking mechanism affixed to them that is tamper-free and near impossible to break.

Energy Efficient Windows


Choosing the suitable finishing details for your brand new triple glazed windows will be one of the toughest decisions you have to make, particularly as we have such a diverse range of colours, glazing and hardware available.

Choose between textured woodgrain or a smooth surface finish...

If you would like or need your triple glazed windows supplied in a specific colour, talk to our team and we’re sure they will be able to oblige. We use a specially developed paint application process to amalgamate each finish into the window frame, with possible colours ranging from White, Whitegrain and Cream to Black, Grey and Irish Oak. Chartwell Green is a charming colour too.

We pride ourselves in offering first-rate, fade-resistant aluminium finishes…

The quality of the finish is down to the intricate process we put our aluminium through, which sees it go through 11 stages to induce strong paint adhesions. This will create strong, vibrant colours we know our customers will love. Likewise, we use a process called sublimation for our woodgrain finishes, forming authentic-looking finishes like Walnut, Rosewood and Oak.

Glass doesn’t have to be plain…

The right style of glazing is crucial to the performance and look of your window. All our windows provide excellent thermal efficiency but we also offer varying levels of visibility for optional privacy.

Privacy Glazing – An effective solution for sufficiently obscuring the view through a window without considerably impacting on the amount of sunlight that is allowed into your home. Commonly used for most bathrooms, and occasionally within the sidelights of a front door, privacy glazing can be incorporated into either A+ Plus double or A++ triple glazed products. A great investment for your home, the combination of both privacy and energy efficiency are delivered simultaneously, and are offered using a range of glass designs.

Window handles crafted with care…

Whatever style of handle you’re looking for, whether it’s something traditional, modern or just plain quirky, we have many options for you. Crucially, your window will be easy to open and close too.

Each TradeMark handle has an advanced locking system within, protecting your home from intruders.


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