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Is every composite door the same?

That isn’t the case. A standard composite door will usually have a depth of 44mm and foam filling. It also has a GRP colour skin (also known as fibreglass) and is quite lightweight.

A Solid Core composite door has a slighter bigger depth (48mm) and is made using laminated timber layers, resulting in a door that’s more robust than a foam-filled equivalent. Because it has a UPVC skin, it’s simple to colour-match it to the door frame.

There is a cost difference between the two solutions. A TradeMark advisor can help you decide which type of composite door is best to buy.

Extreme Solid Core Door
Can I choose a different colour on the inside and outside of my new door?

We can certainly cater for this if you have the idea of e.g., your door being finished in white internally and red externally, or perhaps green outside and blue on the inside. It’s never a bad idea to mix and match colours. Ask to be shown our full colour palette when with a TradeMark advisor.

Internal White Composite Door


Don’t be shy to ask an advisor any questions that you need answering. Some questions are asked quite often. Here are a few common ones.

How many keys will come with my new door?

We will provide you with 3 keys as standard. However, you can ask for additional keys when ordering the product or do so later, if you need further keys made.

Can the same key be used for both doors? (Suited)

Of course. If you inform the advisor responsible for your order at the time of your doors being organised, they will sort you out with a suited key.

What is Secured by Design?

We can. Secured by Design (SBD) is a security initiative setup by the Police and was established to enhance the security of buildings to give people safer places to live.

SBD’s product-based accreditation scheme – the Police Preferred Specification – is the acknowledged standard for all domestic windows and doors, and their accompanying components, that can deter and reduce crime.

We’re fortunate that Conservatory Outlet, our sister manufacturing company, is a long-registered member of Secured by Design, so much of our product range has been tested to the standard. Let your advisor know if home security is something you’re particularly concerned about.

Can you explain what a 3-star rated door barrel is?

3*s is the highest rated door cylinder that you can get and does a fantastic job of preventing any sort of break-in. The door cylinder has unique snap-secure technology and a lockdown mode, which stops any possibility of the barrel being compromised.

Is it possible to completely fold back a French door?

You can if you include an egress hinge in its design, which will allow the door to be fully folded back, leaving you with a fantastic outdoor view.

I can’t decide between sliding patio doors and bi-folding doors. Which should I pick?

Either option will be great if you have a large available opening at the back of your property. What a way it will be to open the building. You can achieve a full opening with a bi-folding door as it will totally fold back. Our sliding patio doors have the most amazingly slim frames, so you can look forward to a fabulous outdoor view whether they’re open or closed. To discover which of the two options will suit you more, talk to a TradeMark advisor.


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When you choose TradeMark, you get first-rate customer service, exceptional products and unmatched affordability. Our extensive range of products uses the most advanced materials on the market - ensuring the perfect consistency of quality, colour, and finish throughout every product range.

20 Year Guarantee

Due to the impeccable quality of all of our products, we have the confidence that allows us to offer all of our customers a 20 year guarantee, which covers you for any remedial works that may be required after the installation. This is only possible because of TradeMark’s high quality materials and skilled installers.

Price Promise

We're so confident of the value of our products that we offer a 'Price Promise'. Find the same quality product for less in our service area within 7 days and we'll beat the difference. The like for like quotation must be for a product that we are able to supply and must be of the same size, same design and same quality.


Discover this season’s trends and get inspiration for your next home improvement project in our free Home Edit magazine featuring the latest trends in home improvement and reams of ideas for your future project.



Discover this season’s trends and get inspiration for your next home improvement project in our free Home Edit magazine featuring the latest trends in home improvement and reams of ideas for your future project.



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