If the time has come to upgrade your existing conservatory roof, we can provide you with all sorts of information and tips to help you get the best replacement roof.
Join us at our showroom

You would naturally never buy a house until you had seen it first and you should have the same thought process when investing in a new roof. Seeing our roofs close-up will help you pinpoint how it looks and feels.

Only in person will you also get to appreciate just how much a new roof will transform your living space, and uncover which tiles and accessories are likely to ensure it matches your home.

TradeMark Showroom
Choose carefully

It will be like having a brand-new conservatory all over again from the second you walk into the surroundings of the space after the installation a lightweight tiled roof. Cosiness will be reinstated, and it will have that ‘room-like’ atmosphere that it formerly lacked.

Our solid tiled roofs are so lightweight and the main advantage of that is that you can often retain any existing frames when fitting the product. We will though inspect your current windows, doors, and base to check that they are resilient enough to handle a new roof and won’t collapse under it.

Living Spaces
Replacement Tiled Roof Conservatory
Bring in added light

You can request the addition of ‘design-in’ performance glass panels or Velux windows to your solid roof so that the space receives sufficient natural light. Any glass present in the solid roof will have a high energy efficiency rating and make a significant contribution to the internal warmth.

Tiled Roof Conservatory
Replacement Tiled Roof Conservatory
Customised to suit

The tiled roof that we create for your conservatory will be unique to that design and customised accordingly. Inform us if you want any specific finishing touches, such as an insulating pelmet, decorative cornice, and guttering, which will be suitably matched to everything else.

Tiled Roof Extension