There are many reasons to invest in double glazing in your home, including noise reduction, security and thermal efficiency…
The journey to finding the ideal window...

Windows are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to your home losing heat. Even the smallest of problems are magnified simply because of the number of windows most homes have. As such, the installation of quality, durable, double glazed windows are one of the most effective ways you can better insulate your home.

This, combined with an increased awareness of the environment, and rising energy costs, has resulted in the creation of double glazing that provides superior insulation to windows of the past and which also offer very real savings.

White Extreme UPVC Windows
A combination of looks and performance…

Understanding that replacement windows are one of the biggest decisions a homeowner can make, we do everything we can to provide quality materials and workmanship.

Using modern materials and the very latest glazing techniques, including double, triple, and thermal glazing, we are proud to offer homeowners in and around Berkshire, Hampshire & Surrey ‘A+’ energy rated windows.

Cream UPVC Cottage Windows


UPVC is probably the most commonly used material for double glazing windows, but we also have options of aluminium double glazing. We have a number of different finishes in a variety of colours for both materials.

Casement windows will create a warmer, more secure home…

Casement windows have been eternally popular due to the practicability of this particular window style and the unfussiness of the design. But, this isn’t your normal casement window – this is an EXTREME casement window. With an EXTREME casement you get supreme comfort and supreme stylishness.

Fitted with a series of hi-tech secure measures, an EXTREME casement will virtually eliminate the chance of any break-in occurring at home, and the expertly engineered frames will prove to be fantastically robust for the next 20 years or more.

Grey UPVC Casement Windows
Our tilt & turn window’s flexible design is what makes it so unique…

It’s nice to have a choice of opening options where your windows are concerned. Tilt & Turn windows can be tilted from the top with a single turn of the handle, while a full handle turn will cause the window to completely open inwards. This will assist with ventilating your living space and also simplify the process of cleaning the windows.

Containing an EXTREME 8-point locking system, A+ rated glass, and secure hinges, our Tilt & Turn windows will make you feel safe and endure the passage of time.

UPVC Tilt & Turn Windows
Open up your space with our bay & bow windows…

A Bay or Bow window will be an instantly prominent feature once it has been integrated by our installers. Because they both have an outward projection, they will add depth to your living space and allow more light in.

Available with a slight curvature and fitted at a set angle, Bay and Bow windows can complement most house styles and come supplied in a wide range of colours and grain effects. As with all our ‘EXTREME’ products, they will drastically cut heat loss and vastly improve home security, and they can be fully equipped with performance glazing.

Optimal performance as standard.

White UPVC Bay & Bow Windows
Georgian style with 21st century performance…

We can transform your replacement windows into a Georgian-inspired design with the simple application of Georgian bar detailing to the glass. Unlike a traditional Georgian window, our EXTREME Georgian windows are developed to withstand the worst of the weather.

Instruct TradeMark to add high-performance glazing to the window for optimum weather protection, and if home security is your foremost concern, enquire about Secured by Design.

Traditional windows designed to stand the test of time.

Grey UPVC Cottage Windows
Our vibrant, powder coated finishes for TradeMark’s aluminium windows won’t fade, thanks to our comprehensive process…

To achieve the high-quality aluminium finish that we are known for, our powder coating process involves 11 stages. We also use a comparably lengthy process for creating aluminium woodgrain finishes called sublimation. If you check out our woodgrain finishes such as Rosewood or Oak, you can be confident the colour has been perfected to look completely natural.

Our performance glazing will do wonders for your home…

One of the most fundamental stages in the window buying process is selecting some glass for the design. The glass can have an overwhelming effect on how the window looks and how it performs. We have privacy glass, clear glass, and a host of other glasses. If you have any difficulty settling on a form of glazing, have a conversation with a TradeMark consultant who will suggest the best potential options.

Privacy Glazing – If you feel overly exposed when inside your home, ask for TradeMark to include privacy glass in your new EXTREME windows. Available in a double or triple glazed unit, it is requested a lot for bathrooms and other areas of the house where people may be able to see in clearly.


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