TradeMark provides a comprehensive 10-year guarantee with all conservatories, orangeries, and home extensions. This hopefully gives you peace of mind about the build quality and long-term confidence in your investment into the product.


The purchasing of a living space or home extension is something you will likely only do once in a lifetime. With that in mind, it’s essential that you only accept the highest possible quality and compromise on nothing.

You need a great guarantee, however, some companies either don’t give you one or their guarantee is not insurance backed. TradeMark isn’t one of these companies. Our guarantee is fully insurance backed and lasts for 10 years because we design and manufacture our home extensions to the highest possible standard. Time and time again our home extensions have demonstrated their lasting qualities, which can also be attributed to the exceptional materials and components we use to construct them.

Windows Guarantee


We care about the environment as much as anyone and have established a strict Environmental Policy. The guarantee we give out to customers is a fundamental part of it. Making sure that our home extensions endure the passage of time dismisses the need for any future replacement, eradicating over consumption and carbon emissions.

Buying a home extension is a one-time investment for most people and one that requires a significant outlay. That’s why it’s only right that anyone who buys one deserves a lengthy guarantee and an extension that continuously delivers a thrilling atmosphere.

Windows Guarantee


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