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Sales Tactics You Should Swerve When Buying Home Improvements

The products we sell at TradeMark speak for themselves, and we have a brilliant team of people within the company, so we don’t need to resort to questionable sales tactics. 

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Unfortunately, there are still a small pocket of window and door installers who are only in the business to make a quick buck, rather than working in the interest of customers. 

We don’t want anybody to be trapped by them, and thankfully, they are easy to identify when you know some of the techniques they use to try and coax people into buying. 

We have rounded up four of the most common contentious selling strategies, so if they’re ever used on you by a salesperson, you know to turn them down. 

Price conditioning

Without prior window and door buying experience, not many people know how much windows and doors should cost. Your ignorance of their cost could be capitalised on. 

Termed ‘price conditioning’, a salesperson may exploit your lack of knowledge and give you a price that they claim is way better than any competitor’s, when that’s not necessarily the case. 

Fake discounts

Always, always get at least three quotes for windows and doors from three different companies. This will give you an idea of what you’re likely going to have to pay.

No awareness of cost could see a salesperson attempt to lure you into a purchase with a fake discount, which they’ll tell you is only available at that time to try and put you off looking around elsewhere. 

The ‘discount’ won’t be all that impressive in reality. 

Big price drop

To take you by surprise and see what your reaction is, a salesperson might go in big and quote you an inflated price on purpose. 

If it causes you to take a sharp intake of breath, what they’ll do next is seem very generous and vastly reduce the original quote. 

But this price drop will rarely be as vast as it seems. 


Watch out for being asked this question – “how much would you like to pay for your new windows and doors?”

Whilst you always need to have an idea of a customer’s budget, you shouldn’t be forced to disclose this info, which you may not know any way. 

It’s done to work out what price to offer you, rather than give you the price you should pay. 

We’re not into playing tricks on customers at TradeMark. We’re all about honesty! You will find our prices very honest and reasonable when you get a FREE quote.

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