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How To Achieve Cottage Style Cosiness In Your Home

Cottage look and feel

Winters are made for spending time indoors at home inside our cosy living spaces, or at least they should be cosy. 

If your home interior lacks that inviting atmosphere, you want to give it a cottage-feel, which will make the winter days and nights easier to bear and go by more quickly. 

It’s possible to channel a cottage-feel in most types of home, including bungalows, old terraces and ultra-modern properties, just by introducing a few easy touches.

The feel: generate a warm living environment

You associate a cottage with warmth and cosiness, so if your living space currently lacks that feel, it needs to be remedied. 

Get your fire roaring and go out and buy some thick blankets and throws that you can put on any seating areas that you have. For sufficient warmth, you will also need to ensure you have energy efficient windows and doors, as they will retain heat. 

The high standard of heat retention they offer will prevent you needing to use your heating too much – great for your finances and the planet. 

Your energy bills will never spiral out of control, while you’ll be left with a wonderfully warm home for the entire winter.

Cottage window

The look: follow the cottagecore aesthetic

Once the inside of your house feels warm and welcoming enough, the next thing to do is to attend to your current decor. 

The theme to emulate would be cottagecore, an aesthetic that is inspired by a quaint vision of country life, and one that home renovators have gone crazy for over the past year or so. 

To accomplish cottagecore styling, you simply must have some floral patterns and prints within your main living area. They could be introduced through curtains and valances, wallpaper and antique drawer knobs. 

If you decide to invest in new windows and doors, select a pastel colour for the finish and think about including Georgian bars, a typical feature of cottage homes. 

Though your decor will be reminiscent of a previous era, there’s no excuse for having windows and doors that look outdated.

Cottage style home

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