We know that you probably have lots of questions to ask. So, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions, where you might just find the answers, you’re looking for.
How do flush and casement windows differ?

If you didn’t know, the casement is the moving part of the window – the bit that opens and closes. A standard or ‘lipped’ window has casements that sit proud of the surrounding window frame.

Flush casement windows have casements that sit completely level with the frame, giving them a wonderfully neat appearance. The easiest way to understand the differences between them is to come to our showroom to see some examples of both window offerings.

Oak Envisage Flush Windows
Should I buy double glazed or triple glazed windows?

As you will probably have guessed, a double glazed window has two panes of glass in its unit, whereas a triple glazed window has three of them. Both come with their benefits and it’s worth speaking to a TradeMark advisor to find out what they all are so that you buy the right variety of window.

Triple glazing provides a slightly higher standard of insulation and does a more effective job of preventing heat loss. If you get the right specification, triple glazed windows can also be good for minimising the impact of external noise, which is music to the ears of anyone living on a busy road.

Windows Guarantee


Have a conversation with one of our advisors if you have any questions. A few of the most common questions they receive are detailed below.

Is there a difference between PVC Windows, PVCu Windows & UPVC Windows

They’re all the same thing, and technically they should be called PVC-U windows.

The UPVC name was changed to PVCU in the UK in the late 1980’s to be consistent with other European countries. It seems that they were all calling it call it PVC-U because European languages mostly place the noun (being PVC in this case) before the adjective (U).

Poly Vinyl Chloride is what the ‘PVC’ part stands for, while the ‘U’ stands for Un-plasticised. The Poly Chloride must be modified for use in products like bags, shoes, and fake leather. It is the use of this material which has made us familiar with the abbreviation ‘PVC’.

It wouldn’t be possible to use pure PVC-u for manufacturing windows and doors as it needs a few additives to provide the necessary longevity, high-weathering, and UV resistance. The additives also enable that famous white colour to be achieved on a window or door frame.

What colours are TradeMark’s windows and doors available in?

The days of replacement windows only being available in white are long gone! We provide our windows in multiple colours, with finishes for all.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with white or cream windows and there never will be. However, you may appreciate a grey, green, or black finish, or perhaps an Anthracite Grey, Hazy Grey, Matt Black, or Olive Grey effect.

You must check out our woodgrains too, such as our elegant Rosewood or one of our more vibrant oak effect colours. Some of out other statement colours include Chartwell Green, Dark Red and Steel Blue.

We must also make you aware that you can have a dual-coloured finish if you want one colour externally and another internally.

What does an 'A' rated window mean?

A Window Energy Rating (WER) signifies the energy efficient rating of a replacement window. All contemporary windows are rated in this way, very much like white goods are, such as fridges, freezers, washing machines etc. It uses a scale of A+-G.

An A+ rated window is the most energy efficient window available in the UK as defined by the BFRC Rating Scheme. This is the UK’s national system for rating the energy efficiency of windows and highlights compliance with Building Regulations.

When buying A+ or A rated windows, you know you can be sure that they will keep your home brilliantly insulated.

It is a legal requirement for a replacement window to have a minimum WER of C or above. For information about energy ratings, speak to a TradeMark advisor.

What does U-Value mean?

The U-Value of a window tells you how good the window is at retaining internal heat and stopping it from escaping outdoors. U-Values are measured in Watts per square metre, or W/m2 K. The lower the U-Value number, the better the heat retention of the window.

All new or replacement windows must have a minimum U-Value of 1.6 W/m2 K. Want to know more about U-Values? A TradeMark advisor can help with this.

What is Secured by Design?

Secured by Design (SBD) is a police-run scheme that’s all about improving the security of buildings and making them safer places to be for people.

SBD’s product-based accreditation scheme – the Police Preferred Specification – is the recognised standard for products that are sufficiently secure to deter and reduce crime. It includes domestic windows and doors, and their components, such as locks, hinges etc.

Conservatory Outlet, who are our sister manufacturing company, are registered members of Secured by Design, so most of our product range meets the SBD standard. Let an advisor know if you are particularly concerned about home security.

Do you manufacture your windows?

We do and proudly so! TradeMark is a member of the Conservatory Outlet Retail Network and its sister company, Conservatory Outlet, is one of the country’s leading manufacturers of UPVC and aluminium window products. They are manufactured in a hi-tech manufacturing facility located in Wakefield.

The close relationship we have with our manufacturer is advantageous as it enables to closely monitor our supply chain and check that the quality of our product range is always at the standard we expect.

What will it cost to replace my windows and doors?

Because all homes are unique, it is hard for us to say until we get a proper understanding of your property and your requirements.

Any replacement windows you buy from TradeMark will be tailor-made for the relevant openings and fittings. And as there are so many options in terms of styles and colours, we need some time together and to measure up before we can give you an accurate costing.

Why not request a FREE design consultation, as a starting point, which can be held at your home, if you like, or you can arrange an online appointment, done remotely via Zoom, if that’s most preferable.

Just submit your details in one of our contact forms and a member of the team will be in touch to sort an appropriate time and date.

How long will an appointment with your designer last?

The initial appointment will usually last for at least an hour so that the consultant has sufficient time to find out what exactly you need, jot down any measurements, and inform you of the available window options.

How long will it take to install my new windows and doors?

We can’t really tell you that until we know more about the project and how simple or complex it will be. It will also come down to how many windows need to be fitted. To give you a rough guide, it normally takes about 3-4 days to install a full house of windows. Your advisor will provide you with a timescale.


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Discover this season’s trends and get inspiration for your next home improvement project in our free Home Edit magazine featuring the latest trends in home improvement and reams of ideas for your future project.



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