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French Doors vs Patio Doors vs Bi-Folding Doors

Spring has almost sprung and it won’t be long until summer makes a very welcome appearance – who doesn’t love extra long days and better weather?

French Doors With White Handles

Is your home prepared for it?

We would suggest not if you don’t have a door that enables you to seamlessly connect your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Your garden is there to be used, so use it to the fullest, which you will have every opportunity to do when you get French, patio or bi-folding doors installed in a suitable spot between the two settings. 

But, which of these doors do you buy? They’re all worth your investment, to be honest. Read on though and it may become clear once you have a better understanding of what they offer. 

French Doors

The French door was invented during the French renaissance and consists of a pair of doors, not one single door. 

Both fitted with long glass panes, they open outwards whether you choose to open them as a pair or do so individually, so they won’t occupy any inside space when ajar. 

They’re found in a lot of continental homes and will make your interior feel extra spacious, closed or open, because of how they allow natural light to drive its way indoors. 

Patio Doors

To open or close a patio door, you give it a simple slide, with one of the two large glass panels sliding past the other, which enables you to keep furniture near to the door without it interfering with the opening. 

Along with the useful opening it provides, a patio door will also afford you an amazing view of your garden, an especially nice thing if the weather ever takes a turn for the worse and you can’t get outside. 

Patio door design has really come on in recent years, with the framework becoming more slender to allow for a greater volume of glass to be added.

Bi-Folding Doors

A minimum of two door panels make up a bi-folding door and these panels gracefully fold as you gently push them open. They stack together against the wall when completely open, leaving you with a huge opening. 

They glide across in a way you would never imagine until you get the opportunity to play with them due to the lightness of the aluminium frames.

Most bi-fold installations are completed at a rear wall, but we have overseen many projects where they have been integrated into orangeries, conservatories and other extensions. 

So, which of these feature doors gets your vote, and more importantly, which one do you want to buy? Once you know, request a quote for it from TradeMark here.

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