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TradeMark’s Pick Of The Home Trends For Summer

Summer Trends

A foreign holiday won’t be possible for many homeowners this year due to the increased cost of living, but a holiday at home can be just as fun, and you can always make improvements to your house while you’re off.

Giving your property a summer refresh will add value to it, and if you follow the current home trends, it could also do your well-being the world of good.

We say that as many of the trends focus on injecting some tranquillity into our living spaces, as you’re about to find out.

Self-care spaces

To feel great in your mind and body, it’s helpful to do the things you love most, including your favourite hobbies.

If yoga is an activity that relaxes you, don’t go to the expense of paying for yoga classes and do it from home instead in a new extension, or if reading leaves you chilled, create a reading corner in a quiet spot next to a window.

Wish you had a serene area to unwind in? Get a spa-like bathroom, like so many others are doing. TradeMark can fit it with privacy glazing so that no-one can possibly see into it.

A lady in a conservatory

Biophilic design

Could your home and garden be unified? That’s what biophilic design is all about, blurring the lines between these two places to relieve stress and make internal settings feel bigger than they actually are.

For a connection with nature you will need to somehow draw more light and ventilation indoors.

What will do that is a feature door from TradeMark, such as a bi-folding door or sliding patio door. They consist of so much glass and they generously open wide to invite the sun and fresh air inside.

A seated area next to an extension

Green finishes

When amongst a green environment you feel unbelievably content and at peace – do you recognise that sensation?

Add some green to your living space not only with houseplants, but with some green-coloured windows and doors.

TradeMark has a colour palette that includes a variety of green shades, with Chartwell Green ranking as one of the most popular of them.

A window with a green finish

In our Home Edit magazine, you will discover other trends to emulate this summer. You can get a FREE copy of it here.

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