French doors turn the simplest of doorways into the grandest of entrances…

Featuring elegant lines French Doors have proven so popular because of their functionality, design, and ease-of-use. Tailor-made using the most durable materials, here at TradeMark, we will ensure your French Doors perfectly match the design of your home. The versatility of French doors means they are more than a simple gateway to the outside. They can also be used to divide existing living areas; thereby allowing you to quickly transform the layout and dynamics of your home and giving it a modern, contemporary feel.

UPVC French Doors

As with any door, security is paramount. As such, all of our French Doors are designed to be as secure as possible. The very best locking mechanisms and strengthened glass ensure our doors will improve your home’s security and give you important reassurance. As we offer French doors in both UPVC and aluminium, we can provide homeowners in Berkshire with an incredible selection of colours. From stylish Chartwell Green and grey, to incredibly realistic woodgrain finishes that look like the real thing, we guarantee to be able to get you the exact finish you want.

Oak UPVC French Doors
UPVC French Doors


Every room in your house should have its own individual identity. The fitting of French Doors between two neighboring areas can give each respective living space a purpose.They can make reverting from a living room into a conservatory more extravagant and special, an experience all of its own, as well as effortlessly connecting your home with your outdoor area. Wherever they are placed, French doors can welcome light and warmth into your property.

UPVC is low maintenance, long lasting and affordable...

UPVC has a presence in millions of households nowadays and it’s easy to understand why when you consider the numerous benefits to be had from the material. For a start, the thermal insulation of UPVC far outweighs that of timber and can therefore have a hugely positive effect on fuel costs, driving them down to a more affordable price. If you need a replacement for an old arched window then UPVC can be specially moulded into the necessary shape, whilst also featuring a curved external bead.

Grey UPVC Windows & French Door
So much to choose from when it comes to colour...

TradeMark as we have one of the most comprehensive UPVC colour palettes you will find anywhere. The white coloured UPVC is a timeless favourite and a finish that you can never go wrong with, but there’s a greater range of coloured UPVC nowadays so you can always choose to be different. So along with conventional colours such as the aforementioned classic white, we now have colours such as Grey, Irish Oak and Chartwell Green.

Maximise glazing with slender aluminium doors…

We have a full and extensive range of aluminium-based products for those wanting a solution that demonstrates incredible durability in any situation. Your home will be a pillar of security when a set of aluminium French doors have been fitted as the material has a toughness to it that very few alternative materials can match.

Because it can be moulded to create slender sightlines, it also means that a huge expanse of glass can be inserted into the frames, and more glass means more sunlight and warmth. We can finish it with a number of powder-coated and timber-style colours and effects.

Aluminium French Door
All our powder coated aluminium finishes are of the highest quality, and are fade resistant...

The quality of our aluminium colours is achievable due to the 11-stage powder-coating process that we implement to create each individual finish. We even produce a number of timber-effect finishes done by undertaking a method of sublimation which results in a rich Oak, Rosewood and Walnut. You will find it hard to believe that the timber-effect finishes aren’t actually wood-based; such is the likeness they share.

Find the perfect handles for your French door…

Selecting the right handle is a fun process - we have so much choice! Whether you want something traditional or modern, we have it all.

Handles are integral to the overall design and practicality of your French doors, so choose wisely.


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