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Love Your Home - How To Use Lockdown To Achieve Those Home Goals

Love Your Home

It’s a very strange time for everyone at the moment but it helps a little that we’re all taking refuge in our safe spaces – our homes. 

To get through the rest of the lockdown and make the time pass quickly, inspect every room in the house and see what can be improved whilst you’re less busy than normal. 

Our lives are usually so hectic and we either overlook or put off doing things, so it’s a chance to get that home improvement to-do list done with the help of painting contractors round rock, once and for all. 

You don’t have to do it alone if others are isolating with you; recruit their help to make it easier and quicker. 

Here are three DIY jobs that can be accomplished and will keep you well stimulated:

Apply a lick of paint to revive a room

When a room feels tired and dated or old paintwork is wearing away, a brand new coat of paint on the walls and ceiling can give it fresh appeal. You should check it out to see the difference.  Hand out a paintbrush to everyone and put them on painting duties to have it done inside a day. 

Be clever and opt for a pale or light colour in any rooms that are on the small side as it will make them feel roomier. Now that we have entered spring, a vibrant yellow would work nicely and re-energise a room.

Stay in sync with the fashionable trend of painting skirting boards and doors in different colours.

For paintwork that just needs tidying up, add a stain blocker to mask any stains or marks or contact the painters winnipeg to assist you professionally.

Tip One

Do some mending and recycling

Has there ever been a point when something in your house hasn’t needed fixing? We very much doubt it. 

Tighten up handles that have come loose on your drawers and cabinets, spray WD40 on your squeaky front gate, fix a leaky tap, repair any broken fence panels by calling the fence installation service etc.  – you have it in you to fix these things. 

Bring out your imaginative side too and try upcycling household items. You might own an old armchair that you could reupholster with an unused fabric or sand down and repaint, or how about converting a few old glass jars into lovely little lanterns?

Employ some creative thinking and once you get into it, you may just have found a lifelong hobby.

Tip Two

Get more out of your garden

You should thank your lucky stars if you have a garden that you can head to for fresh air and sunshine and don’t have to permanently stay indoors. 

Normally at this time of year you would look to bring the outdoors indoors, but do the opposite and take the indoors outdoors, which you can do no matter how large or small your garden is.

Just before you do, get the garden into shape by giving the lawn a cut and power washing the patio, ahead of establishing seating areas directly in the sun. Those with young children should let them build their dens outside, which will keep them entertained. So that the cold at night doesn’t curtail your outdoor fun, have cosy textures nearby that you can snuggle under and light up the garden with torches, candles and lanterns.

Tip three

If you have more complex home improvements in mind for your home, TradeMark is still here to talk. Use our FREE Online Appointment Service to inform one of our consultants of what you’re thinking and they’ll tell you how we can help.

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