Extreme Solid Core Doors – open the world to your style with this incredibly durable collection of classic and modern doors.

The Extreme Solid Core Door is unique. So unique in fact that you won’t find anything else like it on the market today! Unlike traditional doors, the Extreme Solid Core range boasts an impressive width of 48mm with an even more impressive 16 layers of laminated timber to boot. This hyper-secure layering system allows us to ensure that our doors significantly reduce the threat of intruders.

Considering the unpredictability of modern life, the Extreme Solid Core Door stands tall in the face of adversity and offers an enviable assimilation of strength and style previously unheard of. The Extreme Solid Core Door comes packed to the rafters with an ‘auto-engage’ lock which automatically locks upon closing and staves off any would-be intruders.

Extreme Solid Core Door

Your door looks great, but what about the glass? We don’t believe is selecting the perfect door, only to settle for second best when choosing your glass. This is exactly why we’ve pulled no punches in creating a range of glass designs that will go perfectly with your dream door.

Extreme Solid Core Door
Extreme Solid Core Door
Solid Core Door features

Your family’s safety comes first without exception. We understand that which is why we’ve designed the Solid Core range for maximum security to ensure your home remains safe and secure year-round.

We’re thrilled to announce that the Extreme Solid Core Door has been designed to accommodate a huge range of colour and design options, which means we’re 100% confident in being able to match your home with the door of your choice.

Solid Core Doors

Extreme Auto-Engage Lock

High-security multi point lock which engages automatically upon closing so no need to lift the handle to engage your door, which means no more draughts or cold spots.

Extreme Security

Exclusive snap secure technology with lockdown mode keeps intruders out, even when the key is in the lock. Multi point locking system with two additional shootbolts located at the top and bottom of the door for unrivalled security.

Extreme Strength

The interlocked sixteen layers of laminated timber make up 48mm of the Extreme Solid Core Door with multi directional grain. This means the has core has increased strength and rigidity.

Extreme Hardware

The Extreme hardware comes in a range of colours to suit your home; they’re built to last with robust materials and quality finishes. Including letterboxes, knockers and handles in a variety of colours to suit your home.

Extreme Glass

Available with a wide range of glazing styles, including obscure and decorative glass.
Compromise-free delivery...

With a range boasting a robust 48mm solid core with 16 layers of timber, this door deviates away from the usual foam-filled composite doors.

Safety is always at the forefront of our design process, which is why the Extreme Solid Core Door comes with multiple locking points in an ‘Auto-Engage’ locking system, combined with a maximum compression Snap-Secure locking cylinder.

Extreme Solid Core Door
Extreme Solid Core Door
Extreme Solid Core Door


You can be as creative as you like. If you want a modern-styled door, it makes sense to choose a sleek aluminium design that you can add a stainless-steel bar handle to. Aside from that, we have a superb selection of classic and cottage styles, which always work really with traditional handles and accessories.

Open the door to a world of possibilities…

With a vast range of options, the world really is your oyster when it comes to selecting a colour for the Extreme Solid Core Door. We’re proud to say we’ve crafted a range that allows all our customers to select something that represents their style. With 22 brash and bold colours to choose from, you won’t be left struggling to find an option you love! Whether you’re on the hunt for something that’ll make your home stand out from the crowd, or you feel like being a little more understated, the choice is yours!

Door furniture shouldn’t be overlooked…

It’s entirely down to you to choose a handle for the door. Each handle is brilliantly versatile and has its own character, so your choice will leave your door full of personality.

Because there are so many styles in the Solid Core range, we have done our best to create as many handle options as we can for them, ranging from simple to elaborate.

The devil is in the detail…

Much like the range of colours we offer, our classic hardware range has been designed to suit any home. Our brushed silver slam-shut hardware range offers a combination of security and style that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Available in varying lengths of bow and bar handle configurations for an ultra-modern look, or a cottage-style cylinder pull for a more traditional vibe, both these options have an auto-lock configuration, which is great for acting as another line of defence against any would-be intruders.


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