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3 Home Improvement Projects You Should Take On For Winter

Who could have predicted that we would spend so much time at home this year? And, with winter not far away, many more hours will be spent in our living spaces. 

You could get restless, so stay busy instead and do so by completing a few home improvement projects. 

It will give you so much self-satisfaction, and add a massive amount of value to the property. 

Make sure there’s a purpose behind your work though, and it would be clever thinking to do tasks that will give you a winter-ready home, just like these 3 jobs:

Install new carpets

You can change any old, worn-out flooring with a variety of new flooring options, and one of the best for this time of year is a carpeted floor because of the warmth and comfort it adds. 

Thick wool carpets provide exceptional insulation and help to retain heat in rooms, keeping your energy bills down in cost. They can even restrict the impact of noise due to how they absorb sound so effectively.

Repaint your walls

Freshly painted walls can revive any room if your living room looks dated or your bedroom is in need of a colourful lift. It will hardly cost you anything to do it either, and you can have it done in no time. 

Hold off with the paintbrush though until it’s a dry day so that you can open some windows and let fresh air into the space to allow the paint to dry properly. 

Buy new windows and doors

To keep the wintry weather fully at bay, you need energy efficient double or triple glazed windows and doors installed. They will eliminate draughts to banish any current cold spots in the house. 

The older your windows and doors are, the less likely it is that they will be providing your home with sufficient insulation. The financial gain of buying new windows and doors makes them well worth the investment in the long-term. 

TradeMark has a significant number of replacement window and door designs available which will give you a warmer, more secure, and more peaceful home for winter. Request a copy of our Windows & Doors brochure to find out more. 

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