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20 Top Energy Saving Tips From TradeMark

Today officially marks the start of autumn and the weather has felt somewhat autumnal over the past couple of weeks.

The changing of seasons will have got some homeowners worrying about their energy bills and whether they will be able to afford paying them.

If you’re one of them then TradeMark has some fantastic and simple energy saving tips for you to follow:

  1. Switch off all the lights in your house whenever it is left empty at night.
  2. Unplug all appliances or switch them off at the wall when not in use or fully charged.
  3. Dress appropriately inside the house, no shorts and t-shirts in the middle of winter.
  4. Reduce the amount of time you spend in the shower.
  5. Put an extra sheet or thicker duvet on your bed.
  6. Leave the oven door open after cooking and let the warm air circulate.
  7. Invest in a steamer for cooking vegetables all on one hob.
  8. Close the curtains as soon as darkness falls.
  9. Replace all traditional lightbulbs for energy-saving lightbulbs.
  10. Only fill your kettle with as much water as it needs when boiling.
  11. Wash up the dishes in a bowl rather than under hot running water or in a dishwasher.
  12. Lower your thermostat by 1 degree.
  13. Set your heating to come on only when you need it.
  14. Buy some candles and use them as an alternative to artificial light.
  15. Exchange old major appliances e.g. television for more energy efficient replacements.
  16. Warm days will be rare but take advantage of them and hang the washing outside.
  17. Wear your pyjamas in bed.
  18. Get your boiler serviced before winter kicks in or fit a more energy efficient boiler.
  19. Investigate if you’re eligible for FREE loft insulation
  20. Upgrade your existing windows and doors (TradeMark can help you do this).

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