Featuring solar control glazing, our replacement glass roof is incredibly durable and immensely strong.
Herald a new era for your old living space

A traditionally made polycarbonate roof or glass roof can be a real hassle to clean and provides nowhere near the standard of performance required.

Made using the most current aluminium, the addition of a replacement glass roof from TradeMark will keep heat inside the structure, with the solar control glazing perfectly regulating the internal temperature so that you never go cold.

Incorporating weather proofing technology, the roof will do an amazing job of repelling the elements. So that you don’t need maintain the system, think about including self-cleaning or easy-clean glass in the design.

Replacement Glass Roofs
Glass look and feel...

Offering one of the freshest roof designs, our glass roof will pull natural light into your living space to leave it feeling energised. With eye-catching aesthetics, you will profit from a captivating external view within the cosy surroundings of the space.

What was previously a lifeless space will feel far airier and more welcoming, and the temperature-controlled technology will assure you of constant comfort.

Replacement Glass Roofs
TradeMark’s ‘Intelligent’ glass roofs create a room for every kind of weather...

Plain Glass Roof – A traditional plain glass roof will obviously lead to your living space being filled with natural light on those lovely sunny days. It will also make it pleasingly airy, and because of the solar control it offers, you’re promised a wonderfully inviting atmosphere. It’s the epitome of modern design and will create the classiest of looks. One of the things you will love most about it is the spectacular view that it gives you of the world above. Until it has been fitted, you won’t quite be able to appreciate just how much of a change it will make to your living space. The temperature-controlled technology will assure you of internal comfort, no matter what. 

Blue Coloured Glass Roof – To get a cooler looking roof, look at our blue tinted glass roof option. The subtle blue tint will enrich the sky, so you will be guaranteed a vibrant view in any kind of weather.


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Simple fitting process

TradeMark is committed to providing its customers with quality installations that comply with all the necessary standards so that they’re never left disappointed.

The builders and fitters in our team have gone through rigorous training and are stringently vetted. They are expected to follow the many guidelines we have in place to ensure that every fitting runs smoothly and according to plan, nothing less than that.

Glass Roof Conservatory
Glass Roof Conservatory

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