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TradeMark’s Advice When It Comes To Buying New Replacement Windows

7th May 2021

It’s easy to take your windows for granted, but you shouldn’t do that because they fulfill so many important roles for your house.  They help to dictate the appearance of a property, and make it a secure place to live. Windows also give us an outdoor view when we’re indoors, and let the sun come...

Sales Tactics You Should Swerve When Buying Home Improvements

15th April 2021

The products we sell at TradeMark speak for themselves, and we have a brilliant team of people within the company, so we don’t need to resort to questionable sales tactics.  Unfortunately, there are still a small pocket of window and door installers who are only in the business to make a quick buck, rather than...

How To Create A Workspace That Helps You Successfully Work From Home

12th April 2021

It’s been more than a year now since lots of workers were booted out of their offices and forced to work from home.  Working from home has actually turned out very well for some businesses, so much so that several of them have come out and said their employees will no longer be obliged to...

3 Things To Consider When Getting A Conservatory Fitted

9th March 2021

A guaranteed way to revive your excitement for home living in your current property is to have a conservatory incorporated into it.  It will provide you with a brand-new space to imprint your personality and enjoy together as a family, and also in isolation when you need some time alone.  You will find every possible...

Home Improvements That Can Negatively Affect The Value Of Your Home

3rd February 2021

Any improvements you make to your home should not only make it look and feel nicer, but also inject value into the property. There would definitely be value in incorporating some of the home trends we outlined in this blog post last month, for example.  It would be a big waste of money if you...

How Is Condensation Caused And Steps You Can Take To Stop It

1st February 2021

When pulling back the curtains first thing on a cold, winter’s morning, are you always greeted by the ugly sight of condensation all over your windows?  You often have to wait until around lunchtime for the water droplets that form to evaporate, or if you want rid of them quicker, you either have to leave...

3 Home Trends That Are Set To Really Take Off In 2021

7th January 2021

The New Year could mark a new start for you and your home. By that we mean that you could switch up your interior and put a completely different stamp on the place.  It can be an enthralling experience, and if you execute the makeover successfully, you’ll love living in your home more than ever. ...

How To Make Your House Feel Fantastically Festive

1st December 2020

Are you feeling Christmassy yet? OK, it might not be the normal Christmas, but you should feel excited about it, which you definitely will be after decorating your house.  December is here, so it’s time that you got to work on giving it a festive feel throughout.  If you have children, encourage them to get...

3 Home Improvement Projects You Should Take On For Winter

17th November 2020

Who could have predicted that we would spend so much time at home this year? And, with winter not far away, many more hours will be spent in our living spaces.  You could get restless, so stay busy instead and do so by completing a few home improvement projects.  It will give you so much...

Ways To Improve Your Home Security For The Winter

7th October 2020

It’s no coincidence that as the nights start to close in more quickly, the number of homes that are burgled increase.  To raise awareness of this issue, October is National Home Security Month.  Held annually, the official website for the initiative offers householders lots of home security advice to help them make their properties as...

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